At GadLab Technology, we have compiled some of the most common questions you may have as our customer and their answers to ease the overall buying process.

Are these products on your website original?

Yes, all are Original unless otherwise as specific. Please contact our Customer Relations should you require any further verification on this.

Can I collect the product/ package from your shop?

Yes, but please complete your order online first. Add remarks on your order, and you will be contacted for delivery.

What are the payment options/methods available?

There are a few payment methods available for your convenience.

Will the package be delivered to my home/office address? Will the courier notify me?

Yes. It will be delivered to the address stated on your shipping details if you have provided a valid and updated contact number so that you could be within reach at all times.

Damaged or Missing Items policy?

You are required to make a report to us on damaged or missing item(s) in your package within 24 hours upon receipt of the package. We will not entertain any complaints about damaged or missing items after the 24 hours’ time frame.

I received the wrong product in my package. What should I do now?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee when you received the wrong product from us.

Are your products 100% Brand New?

Yes, all products offered at GadLab Technology are of high-end caliber. The used products are directly shipped from the USA, and we don’t have any refurbished or Chinese products in our inventory.

Return/Refund Policy?

GadLab offers full Return/Refund if the product is damaged or unresponsive on arrival.

Are there any discounts available?

Discounts are according to each product. Prices are fixed; however, regular promotions can be observed on multiple products.

More information?

Information for all products in detail can be gained on our Facebook page as well as the direct contact on our phone numbers