Based in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, we are the exclusive importer of business laptops, notebooks, video-editing laptops, and high-end gaming laptops directly from the USA. We offer an e-commerce platform that defies the boundaries in the world of computing and gaming by delivering exceptional customer support and seamless product shipping services for all our customers.

From high-end laptops with dynamic and powerful graphic cards to outperform everything to premium gaming accessories and video-games for Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox, and everything in between, we are your number-one-destination for computing and gaming.

As a company, we promise you the best products, at the lowest prices and immaculate after-sales support.

We are strong believers of customer satisfaction and addiction to brand new and original products at the USA’s cheapest price; we also offer free shipping and 24/7 support services for our clients.

The Difference.

All our laptops, graphic cards, PC products, and accessories are directly imported from the USA and not from the Chinese market, and neither is refurbished. Integrity and quality are the most important things for us, and we always go with the latest trends in the market and infuse the best technology.